Yoga & Me

an effortless dance with Breath and Gravity

— Vanda Scaravelli
Spazio Mandorla — Turin, 2019 © Amina Stella

E-RYT® 200 Multi Style Yoga

April 2019  Radiantly Alive – Ubud (Bali)
ॐ Vinyasa & Hatha yoga student in Paris for almost 3 years at Gerard Arnaud

I’ve started teaching in Italy in both English and Italian.

Union Yoga – Vinyasa Flow
Spazio Mandorla – Hatha
Semi di Yug – Hatha & Vinyasa

Actually teaching in Paris

I’ve first started practicing Hatha yoga in the 5th Arrondissement of Paris with Caroline Ramos, my first yoga teacher, a lovely and adorable person and now a precious friend. After.a year I had the honor to discover and practice Vinyasa at the Gerard Arnaud Studio and Ashtanga in Bali with Iain Grysak. Last year I attended a Vipassana Meditation in Bengalore (South of India) which was a unique paradigm shifting experience.

I’ve started teaching yoga in a very challenging moment of my life, just after I’ve almost lost my little brother.
During those days it wasn’t easy to be focused and balanced. I used to wake up crying and feeling a huge anger, questioning around life and death, and going for a walk randomly around the city not to become crazy indoor.

I was far from being in a healthy shape of mind and spirit. But, going to class forced me to give the little best of me to my students and in return they fade me back with a looot of love. I felt extremely alive and grateful after class, feeling and seeing the smile and well-being on their bodies.

Teaching and practicing helped me to keep going on, believing and seeing the magic in life again.

See you soon on your mats!