Yoga Family

All those people inspired me in a very singular way and I carry in me their unique vibration.
I feel grateful for each encounter and I am honored to introduce them.

Gerard Arnaud

Here is where I started to practice “seriously”. Gérard ARNAUD brought the Vinyasa Yoga in France in 1981.

Meghan Currie

A real fairy, made of waves. Feminine explosion of sensuality. Thank you Meghan for waving me in Bali!

Trupta Yogi

My Master of my first Teacher Training in Bali — Check out Trupta’s interview in my Journal.

Ola Jas

Magic soul sister and Nomade Spirit. Similar vibes know no distance, love you.

Iain Grysak

My very First Teacher of Ashtanga … I can say I’m blissed! – Bali, 2019 | Listen his Youtube inspiring interview.

Katherine Chareonying

One of my absolute favorite teachers @ Gérard ARNAUD Yoga Studio. She’s now teaching in many Studios in Paris.