Women Tribe

A circle of women holds ancient magic.

Il Vuoto — © Giuseppe Palmisano

From the beginning of humanity, women collaborated, sharing food, ritual, and childcare as a way of culture. Men, for most of human history, have been outside of this circle, risking their lives by hunting, sacrificing themselves in defense if their dwellings, as well as exploring and discovering new ressources for the benefit of the tribe.

As a woman, being part of the tribal construct was essential for survival. Younger women were thought life skills, from food preparation, healing and medicines, and initiations into womanhood to child-rearing and rituals. Childbirth was assisted by most experienced women. Children were watched and tended to not only by their mothers, but also by aunts, grandmothers, elder siblings, and cousins; all the women of the tribe were transmitted in these circles.

To this days, when women come together, the magic of this longstanding, shared cultural experience is effortlessly remembered when we sit together. Our bodies remember. We still resonate with another, learn about being a woman from other women and find solace in shared stories and benefit from each other’s experience.

Finding our “tribe” and enjoying the support that comes from being in the company of the women is more important than ever. We are no longer living in communities, and most of us are without the support of the women in our family. With our busy lives, many women are deprived of the regular in-person meetings with girlfriends and the seemingly mundane but deeply connective activities of past times.

There is a wisdom to engaging in simple, communal activities that allow bandwidth for connection, sharing, and listening, and that are free from goal-oriented pushing. These seemingly antiquated activities are just a portal into the magic that unfolds when women gather.

Les Amazones Parisiennes

— A sparkling meeting.
© Les Amazones Parisiennes


Les Amazones Parisiennes is an inspiring community, a spontaneous sisterhood born to spread love and create unique experiences.

From all over the world, those women have enormous baggage and experience to share.
Graceful warriors, they carry their own believes with strength and contagious passion.

I do believe that we need
a community-based paradigm to truly thrive.

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