Well-being Session

A session that combines touch, movement and speech.
A holistic approach that teaches us how to better feel our body and grasp the meaning of the inner experiences it gives us to live.

Danis Bois method



Everybody, any age. This is a method that can fulfill several objectives: on one hand, by helping people during difficult moments or discomfort; on the other hand, by supporting people wishing to transform themselves and deepen the meaning of their life. In both cases, this method suggests relying on an aspect of oneself that is often overlooked: bodily sensitivity.

This holistic supportive therapy is suitable for STRESS MANAGEMENT and all related SOMATIZATIONS: back pain (lumbago), sleep disorders, eating disorders, headache, muscle troubles and others. It is a significant complement to medical treatments.

Also within the framework of a medical follow-up, Somatic-Psychoeducation prevents and supports in case of DEPRESSION, BURN-OUT, but also BORE-OUT (which is characterized by deep boredom), and difficulties in the relationship with oneself, and with others.

A well-being session is ideal for those going through a DIFFICULTY PERIODS or occasional discomfort who feel the need to be supported (illness, pain …) or DEEP LIFE CHANGES – maternity, marriage life, professional shifting, death …

This kind of support is also recommended for those who simply feel lacking in benchmarks, who are engaged in the search for a NEW MOMENTUM to express themselves, create or evolve as they have always wanted; to those who feel like they haven’t been moving for a while.
For people wishing to get to know each other better, to understand each other and to explore their POTENTIALITIES as much as possible.

This journey will only have results if you are fully engaged, regular, and persevering in choosing your own happiness.


A well-being session (more precisely somatic-psychoeducation) starts with an exchange to define your request and expectations.

Then you will lie down, dressed, on a massage table.
Here, with your eyes closed, you have nothing to do, just relax and enjoy the effects of the manual therapy.

My touch will be slow, soft, deep and it will encompass your entire body. The movements will be simple and linear or they will follow a free and organic movement, which will be indicated by your body. The goal will be to globally release the tensions through a tissue mobilization.

This method invites you to draw on your resources in order to regain physical and psychological tone. During the session you will be encouraged to express your feelings in order, possibly, to give it meaning.

As the sessions progress, you will find yourself, rediscovering a place within that contains a quality of tone that is unique to you. From this place, which is simply closer to your inner self, you can possibly envision a new decision-making process, all new points of view on daily life or you’ll set in motion with new motivations. I could guide you through this process on the basis of the objectives defined together at the beginning of each session.

Well-being Session


140 euros / 1h 15